Before my session with Alex, I was definitely skeptical and not sure what to expect. I decided to give this a try only because I had known Alex over the years to be an honest and trustworthy person. I told him that I had already read many books on personal development, and participated in numerous programs and seminars over the years. This experience turned out to be quite different.

During the actual session, I didn’t really “feel” anything in particular. It was a comfortable 90 minute experience that consisted of some Q+A about myself, as well as some teachings and principles that Alex shared from his years of professional experience.

Immediately following the session, I felt a sense of unexpected peace and calmness, which was nice. I then proceeded to go about my day as usual, and somewhat forgot about the session all together. To be honest, I did not expect much else to come from it.

Roughly 5-6 hours later, I started to experience a sense of emotional discomfort, which continued “off and on” over the next few days. Per Alex’s coaching, he said that this was my body processing or “letting go” of stuff that I had (unconsciously) been holding onto over the years, and reminding me that this was a natural part of the process. Although it was definitely uncomfortable at times, I trusted his coaching and allowed it to pass.

After about 3-4 days, I started to feel much lighter with a greater sense of clarity. Several weeks later, I am definitely experiencing an overall “shift” in my everyday life, being able to handle certain situations with less stress and negativity; being less “reactive” and more “responsive”.

The reason I really enjoyed this session was because it created actual physical / lasting change, versus just providing me with “more information”.

This was truly a great investment in myself and my future, and I would certainly recommend Alex’s services to others. Thank you Alex!

Ryan Ademy


I came to Alex Moses with no intentions. I was told that I would be in a 90-minute conversation that would change my life. Before going into the meeting I was skeptical but I kept telling myself that I should keep an open mind because I wanted to change myself. I wanted to start learning how to be open; this is a concept that was completely against how I was brought up. When I sat with Alex I was given a set of questions in which I was trying to understand what the questions were for as opposed to opening up my mind as to what was to come.

During the conversation I was asked to keep all my questions down on paper, I could understand this as to not disrupt him what I was not ready for was what came after. We talked about what I felt was keeping me back and what really was holding me from improving. My immediate thought was Commitment. Alex then talked me through a series of thoughts, this process was not long, and then I wrote down a paragraph. This is where I myself did not believe but I finally felt like I was facing, what I really believed, my inner struggle. After about 10 minutes a wave of emotion came over and that was like warm light pouring in as the air felt denser but clean.

I felt like the weight of my emotions was taking over but I had a hard time accepting them. I did not understand as to why things seemed brighter and the air seemed cleaner.

I went home and felt heavier as the days went on. It was not until 4 days after the event that it hit me the wave of self-doubt. I had never felt what depression felt like until this day, I then proceeded to get violently ill for 2 days. Alex called to check up on me but I did not want to take his call, I did not want to feel this way again. This is not something that I appreciated feeling. I finally allowed Alex to talk to me over a week after, and he explained that he was sorry for not letting me know that people like me who have held back feelings over so many years that this is an occurrence that can happen. I told him I did not want that feeling again but I wanted to keep pushing to get better. I learned that in my case once I was able to allow the feelings to overcome that I would then be purging my subconscious to allow actual emotion to heal my heart.

That day I made the decision to allow myself to feel, because I did not want to revert to the person I once was. I wanted to be more open and to be more loving. I wanted to have a better connection with my other half. I wanted to have a better connection to life and people. I started calling people I have not talked to in years to let them know I was thinking about them. Also something huge happened, in my business I really cannot move forward to the top unless I took my belief from my head to my heart. I was up for hours non stop on how to help people and gain the most out of my business, to really be open to the possibilities to help people change their lives. My career was no longer about making money, it was about a crusade to help others. I now feel more love to my significant other and my business. Also I will allow myself to feel which brings me strength for my life.

Nick Salazar


Initially I began speaking to Alex Moses without any idea of his talent.  Early in our session, Alex explained his method.  Having recently emerged from a 10-15 year fog of self-deprecating relationships, I was content being alone.  Alex made me realize that I was self-sabotaging any potential of me being happy.

Alex’s method made me to confront sensitivities while he provided positive validation for things I was scolding myself for.  He introduced me to the idea of subconscious mind blocks, which I fought at first, but few days after session realize that he was absolutely right.

Without taking any action on my own, in a matter of a few weeks I was regularly interacting with someone.  He is not anyone I would have initiated a conversation with in a social setting and is different from every other guy I have dated, but for some reason something pushed me forward with someone so different allowed me the opportunity to experience what a healthy, loving relationship is like.

Joe and I have been seeing each other for several awesome months and I see it only getting better. Others compliment me on a daily basis about how happy I look – that I am shining! If you have an opportunity to work with Alex Moses, do not hesitate. Thank you Alex you have changed my life!!!

Mary Jane


I met with Alex based on a recommendation from my mentor. I did not know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with his techniques for aiding me in pinpointing an area that triggers stress in my life. Now that I have identified this stress factor, I am able to use it to fuel me forward, instead of causing me to stop dead in my tracks! I would encourage anyone to have a session with him! Thanks so much Alex!

Colette Owens


Business partner referred me to Alex to help improve my business; I had no expectation before hand. I heard rumors that he will make you cry and it sure enough he did. The process is about an hour and a half long but only feels like 20 minutes. During the process he gave examples on how he views life in the most positive way. I was able to take notes on anything that came to my mind. We also discussed reasons on why I’m not as successful as I would like to be yet. Doing so, it removed the dead weight and has allowed me to think more freely. As a result, I view my business differently. I treat people with more love and care. If you get the chance to sit down with Alex, please take full advantage. It might change your life!

Brionna Anderson


Alex has helped me to open my mind up and letting the Love in. I know that I am worth the love, but the thing that was holding me back, was my childhood and I had to come to the point that I had to forgive my mother for what I saw as a child. It was not hate, it was love but in the mind of a child I did not see it like that. A week after session I write three page latter to my dead mother, thanking her for everything good she done and forgiving her for what I did not agreed with.

I strongly recommend Alex to anyone I know, He changed my life to the better in a single session. P.S. I am a 60-year-old man who has been thru a lot, and today thanks to Alex I am a happy and stress free man!

Floyd Landrum


Coming from a rough background, I was intrigued with what could possibly help the pain I continuously felt deep inside from the abuse, rejection and mistreatment from my parents throughout my childhood.
During the session, any skepticism I had was quickly diffused by the atmosphere of openness and the energy of love and acceptance that I immediately felt. Being guided with questions, quickly the emotions swelled in my heart and tears fell as I began to see for the first time a new realization of how my beliefs from my past dominated my present experiences.
The freedom from this new realization of how the past negative energies stored up in my mind and body where limiting my present and future happiness gave me new hope that my past doesn’t have to define my future.

Dominique Aguilar


Before my session I didn’t have an expectation of what would happen. I only heard that Alex did work with breaking bad patterns and overcoming obstacles, which I was more than open to experiencing.

During the session I was surprised by how simple and upfront the whole process was. Alex made everything we were doing very clear. I became emotional at points and was grateful to have the chance to have a guided conversation with myself. Initially after the session I just felt satisfied to have engaged the opportunity.

In the next couple days I felt myself turning more effortlessly to a different kind of energy. Even in small irritating situations my mind immediately moves to an “okay-ness”, a peacefulness, which I have practiced before and made my mind embrace, but instead of coming from my brain making it so, the feeling is from a certainty inside that moves outward. I feel more genuine connections to everything around me; even eye contact with strangers feels more purposeful.


Laura Torres 

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