In Search Of Attention

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.
– Charles R. Swindoll

In this post I would like to discuss positive attention only.

We were looking for attention since the day we were born. First we fought for attention from our parents, then from kids and teachers at school. In our teenage years, we wanted attention from boys or girls, and later on from friends and family and on and on.

Lack of attention destroys relationships in friendships, business, and even marriages. Attention is a food for the human ego. People become depressed if they lack positive attention. People will buy cars, jewelry, houses and even use wives to get attention from their peers. In business people are willing to trade a higher income for a better title that gives you higher recognition and more attention.

So why do we need all that positive attention? The answer is very simple: because it make us feel better about ourselves.

As human beings we have 3 centers:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

All those 3 centers want to feel good. Mental: our mind wants to be appreciated, and is always searching for attention. The attention we receive gives a positive charge to our Emotional center which gives us more positive energy to our physical center.

It sounds all good but what is the point of this post you might ask. The point is that most of the time we forget to pay attention to ourselves, which is the most important attention we need. We have to pay attention to our physical center, which is our body. We need to pay attention to our emotions that are responsible for whether we are happy or not. And most important, we have to pay very close attention to what is going on in our mental center, our mind, responsible for what will happen with us in the next moment.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we need to pay attention to ourselves as much as we search for attention from others. Pay attention to our relationships, what we say, think, and do, and that alone will tremendously improve the quality of your life.

Alex Moses
Awakening Guide