Time after Time…

Our most valuable asset in life is time!

Once it’s gone, it can never be replaced and it can end without warning. Moreover, the lack of appreciation seems more evident by simply just surveying oneself and people around you. For many, a close encounter with death whether personally or to a close friend/family member tends to put the value of time in perspective.

No; it doesn’t always take a close encounter with death to comprehend the importance of time.

Quite frankly, an awareness of self and ones surroundings can easily do the same. More people tend to be more interested in finding ways to kill time rather than taking advantage. Time is simply the period between birth and death. The only difference is that each person’s time varies. If we all knew the date and time of our death, do you think we would still go about life so nonchalant?

Since the beginning of time and even still today the deadliest form of punishment is killing time or having time taken from us. Weather being put in timeout as a child, investing in anything besides ones happiness or being incarcerated are all forms of punishment where we give up our time in return. I’m sure some might ask, “do I have the ability to control time?” You most certainly do! Medically speaking, by slowing ones heart rate (practicing yoga etc) or the latter, increasing ones adrenaline (doing things hastily or anxiously) are just a few ways we all can control time. Reflecting on the topic has brought me to question the reason so many of us choose killing time rather than enjoying each moment as if it were our last.

I came to realize that while “sleepwalking” through life like many of us on a daily basis, it only makes sense that the value of time doesn’t appear so valuable compared to “the awakened” who live each moment with purpose (happiness) in mind.