First Conversation With Alex Moses

Our first conversation (which I enjoyed very much) consisted of a variety of things. I felt a sense of ease to describe Alex the situation of my life currently. We talked about our Astrological signs, both Western and Chinese Astrology. Alex Moses a Libra/Pig and I am a Virgo/Horse; him and I are both dog lovers and are proud owners of one.

We also spoke about why it is I reached out to him, on his Blog at “WORDPRESS.COM”. The caption under your picture caught my eye, “When the Soul Awakens – The Search Begins”. I loved everything I read that he was saying about his life, and all his has persevered through, which is what makes him amazing in my eyes.

We spoke about “Balance” in our lives and how to find “Value” in what we do and give back. He asked me to find “Value” in our conversation and I can only find “Value” in the whole conversation. I found value and compassion in his phone call to me; so generous of his time, thank you Alex.

He also taught me an important truth during our first conversation; the importance of “Balance”.  He gave me an example by stating, “If I ask someone for help I must repay that with something of value”. I can honestly say I see why my “Balance” has been off to say the very least. Time is valuable and I thank you for the gift of your time Alex.

Nina Pepe