Belief Vs Knowledge

Second talk with Alex Moses:

Knowledge – information acquired through experience or education.
Belief – something one accepts as true based on opinion.

Belief versus knowledge seems like the same thing at first glance, but yet could not be more different. I didn’t see much of a difference when I used these words, until yesterday. Yesterday while talking to Alex he stopped me during our conversation to explain to me the lack of “strength” in the word “Believe”. After we ended our conversation I thought about how frequently I have used “Believe” when talking to other people. Alex is right and “Believe” can be a sign of someone who is “unsure” or even lying about the “knowledge” of something. To be quite honest I have used “believe” to my boss when asked a question about something I did in fact not know. It’s a sad truth, I admit; nonetheless it’s my lesson and I learned from it.

“Knowledge” is a skill learned through dedication and training in a particular subject or area of expertise. Even a painful experience can provide someone with enough “knowledge” to avoid going through the same pain once more. We learn through doing and playing a vital role in our own lives. Through experience in our lives we are afforded a wealth of “knowledge”.

“Believe” is a hope or even a maybe at best. It doesn’t state factual truths, it’s just “a hope until proven otherwise” kind of word. Needless to say my boss looked at me and knew I was pulling her leg when I said, “I believe I did”. It looks weak and I honestly didn’t see it until Alex pointed that out.

I would much rather have “knowledge to drive in the correct direction than to “believe” I am with my fingers crossed.

Thank you,

Nina Pepe