Alex Moses Story

At the age of 10, Alex Moses was playing with fireworks, when suddenly it exploded in his hands, burning both of his eyes and leaving him 100% blind. After three surgeries, and almost a year of therapy, his vision was restored.

At the age of 14, He got severe flu that turned into tuberculosis. It took him 6 month to recover from that deadly disease.

At the age of 26, Alex had his first stroke.

At the age of 27, as soon as he recovered from a stroke he moved to Los Angeles, CA. He went back to school to become a software developer. After graduation, he immediately found a job and his career began to advance rapidly. A year later he started his own internet company,  2 years later he received an offer to sell his company, so he decide to do it, and start a new career as a teacher that his was truly passionate about.

At age of 32, he had a second stroke, it took him almost 2 years to recover from that one.

At age of 36, his back went out and he became completely paralyzed. Not only he could not work, Alex couldn’t even move his hands or legs without crucial pain. Doctors recommended back surgery but based on my research: that only 50% of patients after this type of surgery get rid of back pain. He decided to go “nontraditional”; the mind over body route. Using a lot of information available online, Alex developed his own system to heal back issues. Miraculously, against all doctors’ predictions, He was walking pain-free a month later.

Decades later,  Alex still doing what he loves – helping small businesses reach next level of success. Alex has found the MEANING and the PURPOSE of his life: helping business owners just like you transform their lives from fear of uncertainty to love and prosperity.

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