What is Love?

Is it an emotion or a feeling? Do you feel that you love someone in your gut or just have an emotion toward someone or yourself? Not only have most people never experienced love, they can’t even explain what it is! If you do not know what love is, how can you express it to others or in your work? Yet, everyone continues looking for it… People go through pain and suffering to find love, never realizing that they have no idea what it is they’re looking for.

Is love something you develop, like a muscle at a gym, or does it suddenly come to you from somewhere without any expectation? Is there a way to measure love? What do people mean when they say, “I love you a lot”? Can you love a little or perhaps not too much? How about the phrase “I do not like you right now, but I do love you”? Can you love someone every other day?

As you can see in this and most of my posts, they are mostly about questions… Most students I have come across in my life want me to give them ready answers to all these strange questions, but in reality no one can give you an answer but yourself. A good teacher is not the one with all the answers – that would be a “know-it-all” person, not a good teacher – but the one who has more and better questions. The truth is, once you really form and clarify your question, the answer will arrive on its own.

24 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Les débuts d’un blog, un ensemble qui est toujours une petite épreuve. Courage. Il faut penser à tellement de choses… Par contre, cela sera une expérience très enrichissante…
    À bientôt …

  2. After having read just few of your posts, here to say… your talent runs deep.
    The thoughts you have and the way you transform them into words clearly is a gift that you have. Glad to have discovered your blog, so much to learn from. – Cezane

  3. Your words are definitely thought provoking. Love is … so many things. Patience and acceptance, contentment with how things are, a peace of mind. It’s complex and it’s infinite.

  4. Both – you must have emotion to have the feeling. The best description of “real” love is: putting the other persons needs before your own. Yes, there are levels of love, and hate. Deep love is unconditional. A warm love is an understanding. I do not like you right now, but I still love you – – – best explained this way: My grandson just broke my antique statue from my grandmother, I did not like him at that moment because he laughed about it – however – I will always love him forever. Love has to have levels to it. I love my family more than my chickens, but I still love my chickens.

  5. And we have to share our love in order to be happy. When you express your love for others and for the things you like, you surround yourself with happines :) Great post, Alex.

  6. Amazing post Alex. Love runs deep in the way we act towards each other.

  7. May be sensation, temptation or whatever one may call it but love is a real feeling. No doubt incredible presentation of such deep philosphy

    1. In my personal opinion that might not mean much to anyone else… Love is Life and everything in it. For people who do not love their life call Dr. Kevorkian

  8. love is just a state which puts us in situations we never want to be in, Yet we love a person or thing for what we really want from it. It may not have a meaning or definition to explain it,Still its what drives us towards something meaningful..,

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