The Art of Awareness

After years of experiencing what I would call catastrophic events, that culminated in the loss of every possession I owned; it became apparent that I had gone through a death.   Everything that I identified as me, was gone.  Along with that experience came emotions of fear, abandonment, depression, vulnerability, hopelessness, and too many others to list, but I think you can get the picture.  Years were lost, moving through all the feelings those words created.  It was a time that I would never want to repeat, but along the journey came an awareness that I did not possess previously.

All of a sudden, everything that I thought to be true was no longer valid, even down to my Spiritual beliefs.  Everything needed to go, I guess.  All that stuff that I was dragging around that was so important, all those earthly things, had to be eliminated, so that a new being could emerge.  Dr. Victor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor stated,  If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering.

It is when devastation strikes that our senses become aware of the world around us.  The Do Not Disturb sign is ripped away and we are no longer cocooned in the meaningless drivel that surrounded us before.  We are no longer in the slumber of everyday lives, but fully awake to our surroundings.  A sense of a need to survive, kicks in.

In my lifetime this world has changed so extensively, that I wonder where it will go.  We have gone from black and white televisions, to color, to mobile phones, to computers and algorithms that are becoming well versed in dictating our lives.  We have been  integrated into the world of binary, with the explicit determination that machines are far superior to the mind of humans.  One does not need the ability to think much farther than what button to push on the keyboard and supposed data determines the outcome.  Human beings, who have the art of creation in their souls have been relegated to sitting behind computer screens in many jobs.   Verbal communication has been consigned, not through interaction, but through mindless emails, twitters, tweats, that do not need any human awareness at all.  Feel, angry, lonely,  hopeless, not making the sales quota?  Just push the buttons and voila, the problem is fixed.  Or at least communicated to some source that can pop up suggestions on how the problem can be fixed.  Countless of times, I hear that things have gone wrong or things cannot be fixed because we either don’t have the data, or the data does not include the information in order to solve the problem.  I never hear anything about scraping the data and allowing human minds to take over.

Why is an awareness of this important?  We have been lulled into a sleep, by technology that is becoming expansively a dictatorship.  Your humanness is not important, we gotcha covered, don’t worry, the information is being gathered to solve the problem.  However, we are not sure if we can solve that problem because, we did tell you that everything was being taken over by machines.  Sorry about the job loss.  Trust us, it will be okay.

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