The Power of a Thought

Do our thoughts really have the power to change our life?
I strongly believe so. I can only speak from my personal experience and the research I have performed over the last eight years on the power of a thought. Based on my gathered research, I came up with a three-part answer for what our thoughts are responsible for:

  1. Let’s start with basic one: thought materialization. First we create a thought, after which if the thought can motivate us, we develop an intention to materialize it. When we decide to put our thought to work, we can create something, like a sandwich, for example, if we feel hungry. The sandwich is a material thing we can see, touch, and even eat, even though it was just a thought a few minutes ago. Everything we see around us was created in someone’s head as a thought at one point.
  2. Thoughts trigger our two major emotions–negative and positive. Positive emotions give us good energy and make us feel good, nice and friendly to people around us, and they return the favor by being nice to us. Negative emotions make us feel bad and send us straight into a fear that can cause a stress, and can actually kill us through a heart attack or a stroke. When we are surrounded by negative emotions, we become inconsiderate of people around us and the whole world can turn against us.
  3. Thoughts connect us to our focus. Our focus is responsible for whatever we are working on at the time or planning to achieve in the future. For example: if we working on something and are reminded that we have to do something important, our focus changes immediately due to the thought that came to our mind. Thoughts can change our future, by changing our focus which changes the direction we are going or what we are doing.

Based on these three parts above, our thoughts are responsible for everything and everyone in our small and unique universe. So be very careful processing your thoughts because they can lead you to place of love and happiness or misery and frustration.


2 thoughts on “The Power of a Thought

  1. I strongly believe in the power of our thoughts, it’s something I practice everyday and it has helped me to really move my life forward, a positive mind is a powerful thing! :-) Thanks for sharing!

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