Purpose of Life

I believe it’s safe to say at some point in our lives many have asked the question, why am I here or what’s my purpose expecting a never-ending bulleted regimen without giving a second thought to the fact that the answer is already known and it’s the same for each and every one of us; “happiness.” See while happiness may come in different forms based on each individuals needs, it’s FREE and easily obtained.

One of our greatest gift is freewill. It’s very simple. Either you make decisions based fear or happiness (love).

Happiness doesn’t just happen to you. You get the opportunity to choose. Create your happiness by choosing your thoughts and emotions. For every action, there is an equal reaction. What is it about the truth that we fear? I suppose blaming the world’s standard that we choose to live by is far easier than simply making a decision from a place of love while miserably failing on a daily basis to meet this unachievable idol we’ve mounted on our ego filled pedestal. Instead we knowingly choose fear time after time and have the audacity to expect a happy ending.

We’ve become so lost from our true identify that many of us spend lifetimes searching instead of experiencing. If we just took a moment to stop and be present in each moment, the happiness and bliss we would experience would make us never want to revert back to choosing fear. We are all uniquely woven. There will never be another like us. It’s time to be honest with ourselves about who we are and not the ego filled idol we  pretend to be. The sooner we come to understand and accept who we really are and embrace it “flaws and all,” the sooner we’ll be happier. Be gentle with yourself and don’t forget that you’re in charge of your own happiness.

Written by Tracy Jackson

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