First Conversation With Alex Moses

Our first conversation (which I enjoyed very much) consisted of a variety of things. I felt a sense of ease to describe Alex the situation of my life currently. We talked about our Astrological signs, both Western and Chinese Astrology. Alex Moses a Libra/Pig and I am a Virgo/Horse; him and I are both dog lovers and are proud owners of one.

We also spoke about why it is I reached out to him, on his Blog at “WORDPRESS.COM”. The caption under your picture caught my eye, “When the Soul Awakens – The Search Begins”. I loved everything I read that he was saying about his life, and all his has persevered through, which is what makes him amazing in my eyes.

We spoke about “Balance” in our lives and how to find “Value” in what we do and give back. He asked me to find “Value” in our conversation and I can only find “Value” in the whole conversation. I found value and compassion in his phone call to me; so generous of his time, thank you Alex.

He also taught me an important truth during our first conversation; the importance of “Balance”.  He gave me an example by stating, “If I ask someone for help I must repay that with something of value”. I can honestly say I see why my “Balance” has been off to say the very least. Time is valuable and I thank you for the gift of your time Alex.

Nina Pepe

22 thoughts on “First Conversation With Alex Moses

      1. This page belong to a spiritual person, what it means someone who lives with his spirit as one, otherwise this page would of been called In search of atheism

      2. I never got a satisfactory answer. There is a lot of research going on this field. There are many Television shows that prove Ghost exists. But Science is in utter denial.

      3. It is a choice you can find black in white if you try, so people see what they choose to see.
        Your brain has ability to create any reality you wish with spirits or without

      4. Let me specify. What is a “ghost?” Typically, this means “the soul or spirit of a dead person who haunts the world of the living.” This definition contradicts Islam; once a soul leaves, it never returns until the Day of Resurrection.

        There are many ayaat and ahadith that talk about what happens to a human soul when it dies. To summarize:

        The angel of death comes and extracts the soul
        The angels wrap it and carry it
        It is eventually returned to its grave
        The person is asked the questions of the grave
        They remain there until resurrection day
        Going back to ghosts: on the other hand, we have Jinns, which are mentioned in the Qur’an: invisible beings of great physical strength. They can possess (enter into and speak on behalf of) humans.

        Among the proofs of this are:

        Those who consume interest cannot stand [on the Day of Resurrection] except as one stands who is being beaten by Satan into insanity being possessed. That is because they say, “Trade is [just] like interest.” But Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest. Surah Baqarah, verse 275

      5. You are on the wrong page… I do not accept any religion teaching since they were written by people with primitive education.
        To me they have no more value then any kids story

      6. No, just a spiritual person. I do not agree with psychology
        It is only 100 year old science with very limited abilities.
        Spirit is real to me because it is a part of me, just like my hand or a leg.
        Religion or psychological theories nothing more than writings of individuals with huge Egos who love to tell people what to do, and what is right or wrong
        In today’s world we call them politicians

      7. I do not know, I only care about reality
        In other word today while I am a life
        What value can I get out of information what happens when I die?
        I will be dead…. I am here to enjoy now
        Once my time is up, it is up
        Just like a single hour, it has beginning and the end, and once it is over you can not get it back and not receive any value out of it.

        I told my student yesterday Life is nothing more then time; minutes, hours, days, weeks, years and if you do not use it – you lose it.
        This page created to help people to be awaken to reality, so they stop waisting their time and learn how to enjoy every moment of it till their last breath

      8. yeah thats true Life is nothing more then time; minutes, hours, days, weeks, years and if you do not use it – you lose it. okay end this here

  1. Hello. Our lives are much more when we maintain a balance. But it comes within time. Take care.

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