Spiritual Awakening – The Meaning

Spiritual Awakening – I use those two words a lot, and write about them at least three times a week. I even dedicated a course to it that took me almost 30 years to develop. Now that I have received comments, I realize some of my readers have a completely different understanding of the words, “Spiritual Awakening,” than I do.

I break it down into two parts to make it easier to understand –

  1. Awakening, means to be aroused from sleep. Sleep in the spiritual world means not being present in the moment or in your life. That’s when all your five senses work 100% of the same time and your mind is absolutely clear. It is a little complicated to achieve, but with work and patience you can reach an awakening, which gives you the feeling of total bliss.
  2. Spiritual, it is connection to a holy spirit through your own spirit. Once you understand that your physical body is nothing more than fancy temporal clothing for your soul, you can start getting connected to your spirit / soul. Once you achieve that, you can connect to a holy spirit. When that is done, you become a spiritual person. After you connect to everything around you, you become everything, and everything becomes you.

Spiritual Awakening makes you wake up to the best that life has to offer, and understand, without frustration, the worst. Good cannot survive without Bad, so both sides of reality should be accepted and enjoyed. As an Awakening Guide, I help people achieve awakening, as explained in part 1 above. The spiritual part can only be achieved on your own. This is just a short description. If you have a question, submit it below.

Alex Moses

12 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening – The Meaning

  1. No 2 question, so its like a zen feeling right? Something comes out of nothing yet you are totally aware you are in the moment of living. Am i right?

  2. So as to speak, if one is spiritually inclined, can an awareness become one with the architect of life, or just be himself?

    1. Spirituality only has to with the Spirit or your Soul in other word. There is a wholly spirit that all individual spirits connected to.
      That the way I understand it. I have ability to connect to other souls thru my soul and that what makes me spiritual.
      Most people use word spiritual with no meanings behind it, if you ask them what do they mean by that, they have no answer.

  3. Hey Alex, I myself practice this, and I appreciate that you are sharing such wonderful knowledge with all

  4. <3 I once had a dream that when I entered the dream world I took off my body like a spacesuit and hung it up on a hook :)
    And another when I said "I'm not choosing that kind of spacesuit again. They're too vulnerable".
    Alison <3

  5. “Good cannot survive without bad”–so true, easy to forget. I need to make a printout of this and hang it where I can see it on a daily basis!

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