Spiritual Value

We are looking for great value in everything. Why not in spirituality? “Spiritual Value,” strange words that at first do not look like they are meant to be paired up, but after I put some thought to it, they looked inseparable. We look for logic in everything we do, whether we are buying something or planning our future. Why not see logic and value in spirituality before we jump into it for the rest of our life? As a business person I can tell you the basics of the word Value: it has two parts–benefits and features. I will describe these strictly based on my opinion.

Features of a Spirituality:
Understanding yourself and others better, becoming connected to some part of you that you feel is missing (soul or spirit).

Benefits of Spirituality:
Become happy, improve relationship with yourself and others, eliminate all major fears, improve quality of your life.

I would like to hear what would you would add to the list, please place your ideas in a comment section below:

15 thoughts on “Spiritual Value

  1. I would add empathy to the list of benefits. We become more emphatic and subsequently experience more compassion, respect and understanding for others.

  2. I think both the most important feature, and the biggest benefit are the same thing – Truth. For the longest time my spiritual path was about seeking happiness. The I realized that Life is not about happiness, and that I was actually more interested in the Truth.

  3. the Holy Spirit brings peace… a stillness in your soul… an identity of who we are… a love that is beyond the physical… when all the world seems to be in a hurry… peace beyond understanding is only obtained from the source of life… perfect heart peace

  4. Being spiritual means finding purpose and being in touch with our true selves where we can make the best decisions for ourselves and for those around us. It means we’re at peace and there’s no greater thing.

  5. Understanding, growth. The value of life itself In a spiritual sense. look for the value in relationships, friendships…. I mean value …everyone has values. Whether it’s opening doors for the elderly, or giving a pregnant woman your seat, maybe even giving charity to others…. the spiritual value of these things start with wisdom and empowerment. I think wenall jave ro hit a breaking point and often experience pain, and struggles in order to feel the importance of gratitude. We must first allow ourselves to make peace within and accept past choices in order to move forward into becoming our highest self……right?

  6. A large part of spirituality, for me, is that is fosters personal growth. That is, in my belief, if it is approached with curiosity and not certainty. I used to be “certain” in my beliefs and found it limiting to my openness to new perspective and therefore, growth. Thanks for posting this, Alex.

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