University of Angels

One day Angel came to God:

Angel: Father, I have a problem.

God: What is it, my Angel?

Angel: Forgive me, Creator, I have a hard time performing my duties, as it is getting more and more difficult for me to understand people … At times it seems to me that pretty soon they will start to irritate me! I am not sure what to do, as I am supposed to manifest angel’s patience!

God: What irritates you in people?

Angel: They are constantly dissatisfied with what they have, but frequently do not know what they want. They constantly complain about something. They war with each other and destroy the surrounding nature. They hate those that are not like them. They depend on the opinion of others and they do not trust wise men anymore. They rely on gossipers and demagogues lately. They pray in church, just in order to sin again. That dispirits me!

God: Yes, my son, that’s a serious matter, You are right. This needs to be addressed and it must be done fast. You developed judgment, which is a sign that you stop being an Angel. It’s a contagious disease; you probably got it from people.

Angel:  That’s what I think also,  It seems to me that I am in a dire need of professional growth. I heard that some Angels are being sent to postgraduate courses to raise their qualification. Can I ask to be sent to such a school?

God: You can, my son. Such courses do exist, and they are very effective! Those that study well usually achieve great results.

Angel:  What kind of subjects are taught there?

God: Different subjects. I can say that this University for Angels provides quite a versatile education. You will definitely find friends and like-minded people there. You will not be bored.

Angel: What is the form of the education there? Lectures? Seminars?

God: Most often it is interactive. Everything is learned through personal experience, feelings, and sensations. Of course, there is going to be some theoretical work, from multiple points of view. That’s to satisfy pluralism and offer a freedom of choice.

Angel: Thank you, Creator, that’s exactly what I need! What do I have to do to get started?

God: What do you have to do? The only thing you need is to familiarize yourself with the conditions of acceptance, my son … First of all, you will get a body. It is being given once, and it is not going to be changed. You can like it or not, but that is definitely the only thing that is going to be in your possession for the duration of education. Everything else you are going to receive will be for temporary use only, for longer or shorter period of time. Is that clear?

Angel:  That’s clear: nothing is mine, except the body. It needs to be taken care of because it is the only one that is given for the duration of education.

God: Let’s get going … You will have to study day and night for as long as it will take to finish the Process. Every single human being and every event will become your Teacher, so it is quite useless to get upset with them.

Angel:  What if they make a mistake?

God: There are no mistakes, just Lessons, and Teachers. You will also be a Teacher for somebody.

Angel:  Me? A Teacher? No, I can’t! What if don’t do it right?

God: That also happens … Setbacks and failures are integral parts of success. Every single slip can be analyzed and turn into a new success.

Angel:  Can one refuse a Lesson if one is not capable of solving it?

God: A Lesson is going to repeat itself in different forms until it is fully grasped. If you won’t grasp easy Lessons, they will become harder. When you grasp a Lesson, you pass a test and move to the next Lesson. That’s the program. Don’t be upset!

Angel:  How will I understand that a Lesson has been fully grasped?

God: You will understand that a Lesson has been completed, when your behavior and understanding change. Wisdom is achieved by practice.

Angel: I understand! I want to fill up with Wisdom as soon as possible!

God: Don’t be greedy, Angel! Sometimes a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing. You will get whatever you want. You will subconsciously determine how much energy to spend on what and which people to attract to you. Take a look at what you have, and know that this is exactly what you wanted. Your «today» will be determined by your «yesterday», and your «tomorrow» by your «today».

Angel:  But what if I made a mistake? What if I make a wrong choice and in such a way create a problem for myself?

God: What is outside is what is inside, and vice versa. The external problems represent the exact reflection of your internal state. When you change what is inside, the outside will gradually change. Life will advise!

Angel: How? How will I hear the advice?

God: Pain is a method that the Universe use in order to attract your attention. The pain of the Soul or the physical body signals that something needs to be changed.

Angel:  I can’t believe that other Angels that study there will cause me to have pain.

God: Remember that all of you are Students, and all of you have equal conditions. Others are just your reflection. You cannot love or hate what is present in others unless it reflects your own qualities. Remember that there are only Angels there. They are all similar to you. There are no other creatures there. So, every pain is just a game, appraisal, reaction of your mind.

Angel:  Is there anything else for me to know?

God: One more thing. Try to understand that «there», where you are going to get, there is no place better than «here». «Тhere» is no better than «here». The past must be immediately forgotten. The future you will not be able to foresee. The most important for you is going to be the moment that you are in «now».

Angel: It is difficult for me to understand what you are talking about, but I will try. I think Teachers are going to make it clear for me, right?

God: It’s not a good idea to move the responsibility to the shoulders of the Teachers or anybody else. Teachers give you a program, but you learn on your own. Whatever you will want to absorb will remain with you.

Angel:  I will try to absorb as much as I can!

God: Yes! Make the best out of it, and you will not miss.

Angel:  But, will you still direct me there or will I have to learn using books and written notes?

God: I will not abandon you for a second, my son! I will be with you and in you, but we will be far from each other and you will have to learn to hear me anew. I will assure you: all the answers are in you. You know more that is written in books and notes. All you have to do is to look into yourself, listen to yourself, and trust yourself. So, if you have not changed your mind, I will transport you to your place of learning right now.

Angel:  Thank you, father! I am ready. I just want to make sure I can remember all these wise things you have said!

God: A surprise awaits you here, my son, the essence of retraining of the Angels consists of going through the whole program anew, from a clean slate. So, forget everything I have said. You will recall it when you are ready! Shall we go?

Let’s go! – the Angel decisively joggled his wings and saw a tunnel that opened up in front of him, where he dived into closing his eyes, as if into an abyss; into a total unknown. He trusted God and did not hesitate. The flight, however, was not long…

… There was a scream heard, and somewhere on Earth, another human being was born.

Guest post from Caterpillar To Butterfly

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  1. This reminds me of the LDS teaching of a pre-mortal existence and the plan of salvation (according to the LDS). I found your blog post quite interesting 👍

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  3. This is a wonderful viewpoint on life, very well written. I really enjoyed reading this and thought of sharing on my blog. Here you go!!

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