Why You Lying ?

Why you lying? It’s a bit provocative as a title. My first reaction is, I am not lying.

Why do we lie? One might say, you call yourself awakened so you should not lie, but I do and I lie a lot, not as much as I used to but a lot.

Let me give the 4 top reasons we lie:

  1. Self-esteem issues 
  2. To protect someone
  3. Make people feel better
  4. Belief system

Self esteem: Most of the time people lie because of low self esteem or lack of confidence. Most common lies: our age, weight, financial situation, quality of personal relationship, education. The purpose of those lies usually is to make us feel better about ourselves or maybe just out of our competitive spirit.

Protect someone: This one is out of humanity. You can see someone broke their hand in an accident and you say it does not look too bad, don’t worry about it, you will be ok. Or when facing someone on their deathbed, we try to improve their mood by lying to them. We also lie to our kids, or someone who works for us, telling them we are going to punish them if they don’t do what we want them to do at the moment, even though we know that we are not going to do anything about it.

Make people feel better: We call it a white lie, the most popular even among honest and proper people. It is common in a work or business environment as compliments to someone about how good they look even though you do not think so. It can also be to encourage someone to do something, like, “You are so good, keep training. You can be a world champion one day.”

Belief system: This is one of the most dangerous lies, when we repeat information that we have heard somewhere whether from TV, from a friend, or on the internet–what we believe is the truth, when in reality it is a lie.

So keep lying to me about how great my posts are to make me feel better so I can write more posts. Of course, I am just kidding.

The purpose of this post is to point out that we all lie, but what I believe is important is not to lie to ourselves, and not judge anyone else who has lied, because sometimes they are not trying to hurt you. It is just what they believe. Maybe they think that it might protect you from something or make you feel better.

Alex Moses
Spiritual Guide

23 thoughts on “Why You Lying ?

  1. Great post *wink …i think we lie mostly because it’s the easiest thing to do at any moment… we don’t think it true because it’s convenient…but in the end whether the consequences are good or bad…lying serves it purpose #mischiefmanaged 😂

  2. people lie according to their intelligence… intelligence is directly proportional to lying because it makes them easy to handle the situation… not everyone can handle it.

    1. You are on the page of spiritual awakening… the only intelligence I accept is universe. I am anti psychologist, we do not believe in human intelligence, just instincts, conditioning and subconscious…. Human intelligence have destroyed this planet and fighting in wars and develop new disease including internet viruses. Human intelligence only good for one thing harm and destroy

      1. Mr. Moses love your website it so full of valuable information and wisdom
        I wish I would have ability to grasp a fraction of it

  3. We do all lie Alex, but I think it’s the intention behind it that matters. So long as we don’t intentionally hurt someone … and if the lie serves to protect it’s sometimes unavoidable.

  4. I don’t waste my words.
    Dad spanked the lies out of me in 5th grade.
    Since then for better or for worse my name is George Washington
    If someone insults my religion or family or friends by lying about them im ready for a verbal stoush
    Otherwise people can lie to me or about me and although it’s hard i can rise above that mess n forgive them even if they’re not sorry cos Jesus loves n died for them too.
    If I say i like what you say brother
    You had better believe i mean every single sincere syllable

  5. Oh dear. I don’t do number one much – a benefit of getting older and a reduced need to impress :-) Number 2 and 3, yeah, of course. Number 4? A tough one that requires vigilance and an attitude of compassion just in case.

      1. I agree with you 100%.
        I do not know if you read my story, english is not my first, second or even third language, if you wish to help me with my posts I can use all the help I can get

  6. OMG. I literally lie every moment. Its just happens. When somebody says something and i feel like ‘yeah i can go with this’ i definitely follow my instinct. Coz i feel the person will fall deep. Like somebody asked if i have been to NY. i simply answered yes. And the person was like ‘well i was there during my band days. I knew the next statement from him would ridicule me so i quit n said ‘oh wait wat was the question again?’
    My friends think am a compulsive liar. However iam trying to overcome it.

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