The Awakening

The most important thing about awakening is that you regain control of your time. What this means is that when you are awaken, you are truly living your life. Otherwise, your life is being lived without your active participation. Is this something you would consciously choose for yourself? We think the answer is obvious.

Start observing other people on a daily basis and you will see that most of them are in a state of a deep sleep. You can tell this by their automatic negative emotions and reactions to external events. Once you really see that most people around you are in a state of sleep, you will begin automatically develop more understanding, love, and compassion for others.

Part of a “13 Steps To Awakening” course 

Alex Moses
Spiritual Guide

12 thoughts on “The Awakening

  1. I am regaining my time by operating in my purpose and using my gifts. Very true post

  2. I woke up from my deep sleep over a year ago and I look back and can’t believe the life I led up unto that point. It’s very easy to notice all the others that are doing the same thing. What a great post.

  3. Nice blog you have here Alex. Your about story is remarkable! Thank you, for reading my blog posts as well. It is appreciated!

  4. This is true and I notice it sometimes when I talk to people and they’re not fully present. Like their mind is somewhere else. I like to think I live my life fully awake and in the moment.

  5. I love my mornings. If I do them right, the whole day is salvaged. If I want to be active all day, not plagued by stiffness, I stretch. If I want to have a productive day writing, I open the window and listen. The only thing lacking is a start to interaction … My husband sleeps late and it is just as well because my first morning sentence is a little grouchy, no matter my mood. Great post!

  6. Nice Alex! “Run the day, don’t let the day run you.” -Jim Rohn. Also reminds me of a comment that most people are walking around in quiet desperation.

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