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  1. I often feel like spirituality is a priority for another time. First I need to worry about rent, putting food on the table, and doing well in school. At that point, I can see a half decade going by before I feel like I have the time and energy to focus on spirituality. Is this a cop out, or does the famous pyramid of human needs hold weight?

    1. Thank you Don for great question, I will write an article for it.
      Here my opinion on it:
      Spirituality does not take time, it provides you with a lot more time.
      In state of awakening, time almost stay still, compare to state of sleep (routine daily activity) that most of us live in.
      You always will have things in your life that take priority; like finances, health, family etc.. When you are awaken you have the ability to enjoy it all of it at same time instead of assign specific part of your week or a month for it.

    2. Hi Don, Spirituality and material life never go hand in hand. All the material aspects of our life keep pulling us beneath. Spiritual conscience would often result in mental dilemma.

      1. Hello Siva, you are in title to your opinion, but you have to remember it is based on your conditioning (where you from, your financial status, who your parents are) there are no right or wrong point of view….

      2. Hi Alex, however conditioned a person is, he still have the influence from the material world which resist the spiritual upgrowth. Also, I don’t see how financial status or the place where a person is from has to do with spiritual growth. You are again talking about the materialistic aspects. Correct me if I am wrong.

      3. I am not influenced by finances neither any of my friends, you created the work you live in where finances influence you and people around you.
        PS I have lived in 5 different countries, and never been influenced by money

    1. Would love to help you with that, but this blog page dedicated to spiritual awakening, not to personal relationships.
      Let me give you a tip.
      Human psychology is very basic:
      “Out of sight, out of mind” – I hope that answered your question

  2. Sometimes we find ourselves in a quagmire… All doors seem to be closed… and we end up believing that life has no calling for us…How to know what our inner calling is, when we are engaged in so many interesting activities around???

    1. I call it a Lifework, I will write a post about it. We all have life meaning and lifework is part of it, it is the work that we meant to do, something that we can not live without it.
      You are already doing it without realizing it, jus without enough love and focus.
      I know this not detail enough, ask any question, and I will do my best to answer it

  3. My Awakening: Clean and sober 14+ years. The awakening was that family members really need me around and healthy or their lives would take a big dive. Addiction is selfish besides self destructive.

    1. Agree with you 100%, I always discuss with my friends the meaning of staying a life once the purpose is over,
      and we also come to same answer:
      Because there people around us who need our love!!!

  4. Alex, I feel like I’m at a crossroad in my life, searching for my purpose and meaning now that both my kids are older and I don’t feel as though I’m needed quite as much. I’m not sure that I have a question for you here, just a feeling that I’m still searching for a purpose, a new pathway in my life and I’m not quite sure of my direction.

    1. I was there 8 years ago, when I was not sure what to do with myself anymore.
      I have began searching for life meaning, thanks to some teachings that came my way, I found the answer. I summed it up in one word “Lifework” – something that gives you joy on daily basis and also provides other people with measurable value that give you recognition as well.
      It is usually a talent that you were born with, just never new how to put it to use.
      “13 Steps To Spiritual Awakening” can help you with answer
      I guess this is not an answer, since there were no question :)

      1. No, it’s not an answer Alex, but you’ve provided me with a pathway and I guess at the moment that’s as good as anything. “Lifework” is the way, I know I have a lot of work to do but I feel as though I’m heading in the right direction. With the right people surrounding me, including you!

      2. I am searching, digging deep within myself, asking questions, staying open and mindful to everything around me.

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