Certainty vs. Uncertainty

  • Is it possible to have any certainty in life?

Sorry, but it is absolutely impossible to have any certainty in life. For all we know, we may not even wake up tomorrow because “tomorrow is promised to no one”. People look for certainty because it makes them happy, but this is the disease of the ego. The trick is to be comfortable with – and even in love with – uncertainty. Our entire society is built on the idea of certainty, i.e. you work a certain number of years, then retire, and finally die – but this is an illusion. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can begin your lifework and start living a joyful and fulfilling life.

  • Living in a state of uncertainty is extremely stressful, how do you cope with it?

The stress comes from the ego. Just like fear, stress is an imaginary substance. There is no way to cope with stress because it is not real – you can only understand and accept it. Stress indicates that the negative aspects of the ego are calling for your attention. It may also mean that some of your basic needs are not being met. Remember signs and signals? If you are stressed out because you have no money to pay rent, you need to cover this basic need before you can do anything else. If you are so stressed that you cannot lift a finger, the one and only thing you should be doing then is analyzing and working on your ego. For example, if you have no money to pay rent and are stressing out because of it, take a look at how your ego is manifesting this situation in your life. In order to heal the ego, you need humility and understanding. Once you understand what is happening and heal the ego through observation or conversion, you may find a creative solution to your problem, such as calling the landlord and offering to paint the apartment or do other maintenance to cover your rent. Remember that healing the ego releases energy, which you can put to good use. Perhaps the reason you could not pay rent was because you were living in an apartment that you could not afford. Once the ego subsides, you may decide to find a roommate until you can afford your own place.

  • How can I use certainty and uncertainty to motivate people and succeed in achieving my goal?

Certainty is a disease that everyone is addicted to. This is a delusion, an imaginary state. No one can offer any certainty to anyone, although they surely try. Insurance is a huge industry that makes billions of dollars off of people who crave certainty. The number one goal for the students of this course is to understand and get comfortable with is the idea of uncertainty. For most people it causes undue amount of stress, which inevitably brings even pain and suffering into their lives. By being comfortable with uncertainty, you become happy and content. You begin to lead by example and this is what motivates people and draws them toward you. You become fearless, confident and certain in the face of uncertainty and people cannot help but feel attracted to you. This is what makes you a shepherd among the sheep. At the end of the day, you must realize that the only certainty is death. Accept it fully and move on.

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17 thoughts on “Certainty vs. Uncertainty

  1. I am certain I will wake up tomorrow, and if by some cosmic chance I do not wake, I will never know. And yet, I am also certain that one day I will go to sleep and the “tommorow” you speak of, will not come again; but I won’t know that day.

  2. My mom used to tell me that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. I used to laugh at that sentiment, but I’ve found, the more I’ve grown up, that she’s right.

    Sometimes it can be unnerving when we don’t know what’s around the corner or how we’re going to get through a rough time, but that’s when I try to give it to God, do my best to remember that things always work out the way they’re meant to – even when we don’t initially like the outcome, and push forward.

    It’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s essential to do our best. Really that’s all any of us can do.

  3. I wonder if you posted this to get us all thinking of the things we are certain of not so much as to tell us that there are no certainties…hmmm? I am certain that im in love with being a mother i am certain that im in love with my dog hahaa! no i know it i really am! Im certain that im always going to try and do my best for myself and the people i know. truly i could go on and on but i dont want to get too carried away :) great post as i just listed these few made me sigh a big sigh and i love it when that happens!

    1. You made very good point about things that you know and certain about it is not the same… Certainty is about future knowledge is about the present . I am not certain if I will wake up tomorrow, but I know that I have read your comment

      1. gotcha! i dont know if i will wake up tomorrow either but i am certain i will be thankful if i do! hahaa!

  4. There is no certainty in life but much like Christmas anticipation is the best part. Anticipate that every tomorrow is Christmas and enjoy life.

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