Do We Need To Buy Happiness?

Happiness is not about buying new things, but about appreciating the things we have.
-Alex Moses

When I look around, it seems to me that everyone is more motivated to make a buck than enjoy life. I am not going to argue that money isn’t necessary to live in the city. If you decide to live off the land somewhere in the wild, you can avoid money altogether. But since you are reading this post online, you live in civilization and need money at least to pay for internet service and a computer to read it on. So there is a use for money. I am not a judge of how much money one has to have or spend. This is not what the post about.

What this post is about is appreciation for what we have. Every week I donate stuff to people in need, but in order for me to donate stuff I don’t need, first I have get it. So my wife and I work very hard in order to buy things today so we can donate them tomorrow when we discover later that something so cool at the moment becomes useless very soon.

In my life I have developed a theory about buying things: if you can afford it and it makes you feel good, without buyer’s remorse, buy it. That’s what money is for in the first place. But first, assign a value to it–not a financial value but an emotional value–so you can be happy with it not only during the purchase but for a longer period of time. If over a longer period of time you can appreciate it and love it, then it will not be just another item that must be donated a week later.

If it is an expensive item, I save money for it and take a bit longer before buying it, not because I cannot afford it, but so I can appreciate it more during and after its purchase.

So let’s start appreciating things we have today. That’s what may make us a little bit happier tomorrow.

Alex Moses
Awakening Guide

18 thoughts on “Do We Need To Buy Happiness?

  1. indeed!

    I believe happiness cannot be bought!
    Only luxuries and comforts can be!

    But u kno Alex!

    In todays world; people only RUSh!
    They don’t value anything except wealth
    don’t even value people and humanity!

  2. Happiness is very essential in everyone’s life. If a man has all the money in the world and lacks money, he is just as good as being empty.
    Wonderful work there!

    1. If you have all the money in the world you are not going to lack money :) ….
      Money is necessity of life we need them in order to stay a life, and money bring us happiness to some degree but money are not source of happiness. Source of happiness is fulfillment of our soul

  3. If we have shelter, food, and clothing, then we should be happy. Never worry about such things if you have a solid faith in your Creator.

    1. Agree with you 100 percent!!! If you are a good person who does what he/she supposed to do you will never would have to worry about food, cloth, and roof over your had!!!

      1. You are correct. If we live our life based on high principles then we can be sure of relative happiness. As long as this system of things continues, we will have to deal with bumps along the way. But, we can always get back up if we stumble. Patience is key.

      2. In my universe Love is the key, thats what make us be good to others, and do things that we should even though sometimes do feel like doing it

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