Things Are Not The Way They Are – They Are The Way You Are

A popular saying of the day is “It is what it is,” or, like some people say, things are the way they are. Most people accept this concept and go along with it. So did I for most of my life. When I awakened and things started changing around me, such as when there were no more negative people around me, and people were a lot more friendly than before, I began making money without making any effort.

Once you understand the way the world works and finally wake up, you start coming to understand that nothing has changed. It was you all along that was negative, not the world around you. Things are not the way they are, they are the way you are. If you are defensive, the world will want to argue with you. Once you become open to people’s opinions, because it is their opinions not yours, and they trust you enough to share it with you, you will be amazed how less argumentative people will become around you.

When you start to listen and try to understand what people are trying to say, instead of waiting to state your opinion on the matter being shared, you will be amazed how much friendlier people will be towards you, more open to hear you out when you have something valuable to share.  Most people live in fear. They cannot help it. Humans are animals that were born with only two instincts: “fight” and “flight.” It is in our nature to either fight or run away from anything we do not want. But since we are humans and not animals, we need to act like humans and not animals–with love, compassion, and humanity.

The world is lot simpler than people think. For example, I have never met a bad person. I have met a person who is out of his mind with rage or under some influence, but once he calmed down, he was like everyone else, searching for love and happiness. Try to be better to people around you, and see for yourself how your world starts to change.

Alex Moses
Awakening Guide

23 thoughts on “Things Are Not The Way They Are – They Are The Way You Are

  1. What a wonderful message Alex. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately “it is what it is” most generally describing my mum’s situation, implying that I just have to accept how things are. But in other cases you spoke about, yes I believe you’re right.

  2. Mr. Alex Moses your blog made me a better man
    thank for amazing posts
    God Bless You

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