Six Basic Fears

  • What are the six basic fears?

Almost everything we do in life is motivated by six basic fears, which are:

  1. Fear of financial loss (poverty)
  2. Personal humiliation (criticism)
  3. Loss of a loved one
  4. Sickness or pain
  5. Growing old
  6. Death

These fears are the root cause of the vast majority of problems that we experience in our lives, such as stress, fights, health issues and even death itself. If you can understand that fear is just a state of sleep with no substance whatsoever – in fact, ninety-nine percent of the time it is nothing but a collection of negative thoughts – you can become truly fearless. Not only can you become free of fear, but by overcoming it you gain access to a source of tremendous power that will help you achieve all of your life’s goals and make you a true shepherd among the sheep of this world. These are not just empty words, but a fact of life.

  • How do I cope with fear?

It is very important to understand that you must face the fear as soon as it arises so it will not send you into a state of deep sleep where you can get hurt emotionally and physically. Since fear arises from our subconscious and we have no control over when it actually sneaks into our conscious mind, we should try to be aware of our state of mind as much as possible and remember that fear is nothing more than a negative thought. As soon as you become conscious of fear, stop whatever you are doing and begin observing it. Be aware of the surge in bodily sensations as well as the negative thoughts in your mind. As you do this, realize that these thoughts serve absolutely no purpose other than causing you stress and paralyzing your ability to act. Some people think that fear is just one of our instincts and is there to protect us when in reality it is not. Fear is just part of your negative conditioning and not one of the senses that actually warn you of danger.

  • Which of the six fears is the most common?

The most common and disturbing of the six fears is the fear of financial loss. In other words, people love to worry about their money. They worry about paying their bills, losing their job, or investing money into something that won’t pay off and so on. Most of our actions are motivated by fear of financial loss, such as waking up and going to work every morning or getting involved in criminal activity. We also miss out on some great opportunities in life because we are too risk-averse and afraid to lose money.

Every single major industry in today’s world makes money by exploiting the six basic fears. Regular people like you and I give these corporations our hard-earned money in exchange for “protection” from one of the six fears:

  • Wall Street: Fear of financial loss
  • Pharmaceutical: Fear of loss of a loved one, fear of getting old or sick
  • Self-help, Self-improvement, Exercise Equipment and Books: fear of personal humiliation, fear of growing old.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. You must understand that all of these fears are illusory – they are not real. What you feel as fear is actually a surge in bodily sensations and emotions caused by a negative thought and amplified by your subconscious mind. Fear is the ego’s secret weapon. It cannot be controlled directly, but it can be confronted and observed. As mentioned earlier, the process of observation takes the energy out of it and renders it powerless. Understanding the nature of fear and facing it with courage can manifest miracles in your life. This is because each of the six fears is a gateway and a shortcut through which you can enter the state of joy and live the life you are meant to live.

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Alex Moses
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11 thoughts on “Six Basic Fears

  1. Great post Alex. And lots of truth here. I’m not sure that financial loss is my greatest fear but money definitely lies at the root of many of our problems.

  2. I loved this read! I used to think and do everything I could do avoid facing my fears, but relatively recently I had to. This was absolutely terrifying but so amazing at the same time. Amazing because it allowed me to answer ‘what if?’ This was so freeing. So I think having fear and having to break through it, is the best thing one can do to live a happier life!!

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