Why do we make same mistakes over and over again?

I do not consider myself having too much life experience. I am only 45 years old, but I have spent a long time interviewing a lot of well educated people in their 80s who have had busy lives with a lot of traveling and meeting a lot of people. That helped me understand how powerful our conditioning is. (If you are not familiar what I mean by word conditioning please refer to the course “13 steps to Awakening.)

After the age of 13, we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and most people do that until end of their days.

Can it be changed?

Yes it can, but it is not easy to do. I call it awakening; some people call it enlightenment. It took me eight years to understand what it is and get results that actually made a difference in my life, instead of just making me feel better for a week or a month.

The only way to break the bad cycle of your predetermined path is to change your conditioning and the subconscious actions you do on a daily basis–without even realizing–and get back to where you started from.

This is the reason I developed “13 Steps To Awakening” to help people to start enjoying their lives to the fullest.

In another way of saying it, you have to learn to be in control of everything: your thoughts, your emotions, your feeling, your subconscious mind, what you say and do.

Is it possible to achieve? Yes.

It requires a lot of work and time, but when you achieve it, it is well worth it. It gives your life a bliss when everything makes you feel great and puts a smile on your face. Even negativity–yes, you read it right, negativity–can become part of a balance of the world and not something that will bother you again.

If you are interested to learn more about it, read “13 Steps to Awakening.” You can also watch my videos.

Alex Moses
Awakening Guide

42 thoughts on “Why do we make same mistakes over and over again?

  1. That is so so true and I’m in my ‘awakening’ phase of my life. I recognise how my early life conditioning has recreated patterns of behaviour throughout my life – some great and some not so great. I’m working on the ‘not so great’ now… and hoping to reverse this before I get to 80..

    1. try my “13 Steps To Awakening” course it help a lot of people to improve every aspect of their life emotional, physical, mental and financial

      1. I’m going to have a look at your sight for some more info – I added it to my ‘to do’ list this morning! Much appreciated x

    1. It took me 8 years To break my conditioning and learn how not to rely on my subconscious mind, it was not easy but well worth it :)

      1. I thinking to start including my videos with every post, like I did on 13 steps to awakening page, not sure if you saw it yet… My editing girl going on vacation, I guess my post would need take vocation also :)

      2. I never had a chance to learn english good enough to write a blog, I do not know if you know that english is my fifth language, and USA the fifth country I living in

      3. Five countries and five languages is so inspiring Alex. And your English is definitely good enough to be understood. :)

      4. if you can do me a favor and spread the word about “13 Steps To Awakening” course, I would appreciate, it is free for anyone to use, downloadable and I even set up print option if people like to read of the paper. It save a lot of lives, marriages and made people a lot of money. My goal is to share it with the world so our kids can live in better one

  2. Old habits die hard, they say. I feel like as a psychology lover I need to write about this on my blog as well. Thank you for this post, very insightful!

  3. It also depends on people you are surrounded with if you are with negative people some how you seem to change to adapt to them, however if you are with affectionate and easy going people its easier to get to the path, I have recently made good friends who are lot younger than me but seem to be so mature when it comes to human relations and I have indeed learned a lot from them.

    1. You are right you become who you around, but once you awaken you have ability to change yourself and people around you. You will start attract people who are good for your soul and not your motivations

  4. I really like your work ethic. Good articles, free content without the sell, sell, sell and spot on advice.

    I have got very tired lately with this need to put a monetary value on everything and anything on the internet. So many sites have mediocre content and then want £300 for an hour of the ‘mentors’ time. Give me a mini course for free to show me what I am buying and I might be tempted!

    “Oh yes, I have an opinion, do let me send you my daily newsletter for £40 a month and I will tell you what it is!”

    I have an article in draft on my blog about this very subject and have linked your article Sell, Sell, Sell in it. Needs work as I suspect I am coming across as a mad haired ranty old woman on a soapbox…luckily I’m free! *laughing*

    1. Talking about value… I offer my “13 Steps To Awakening” course absolutely Free of charge, it is not a sample, it is work of my life that took me 30 years to complete. I do not take money from people for information.
      I make my living by making people money, and take a small percent of what I put in their pockets

      1. See, you are officially a very cool and rather clever businessman :-)

        Some people can get quite precious about their worth and value and try to monetise everything but they lose out on what giving information freely can do when it comes to capturing people’s interest and potentially their custom.

        I wish you much success!

  5. What an inspiring and thought-provoking topic! Making same mistakes? Hmmmm…not me! I have been learning with each mistake, trying my best to make amends yet we are human! A new kind of mistake comes up, slightly different each time :)
    Yes! the key is controlling emotions and thoughts and most important…words, which slip out unawares.

  6. Well, I totaly agree with you. I think everyone is repeating in different spheres over and over the same mistakes. Work to change everyday bad habits is really hard, however, there are many poeple that are simply too lazy and weak to follow such challenge. Many people is dreaming about changes sitting on the coach.

      1. My apologies. I’m trying to notify as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Please have a good day.

  7. So true we can change our paths, it is a long journey. However with most habits, think of new years resolutions, people are very likely to go back to what is familiar even if it is not healthy for them. Permant change is a daily will power to want to change. We all have the ability to do it, just need some guideness along the way.

    1. I do not believe anyone has control in of their life, that’s why I believe in full surrender and enjoy every moment that given to you by delivering value to people around you

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