People Hate To Be Sold, But They Love To Buy

There nothing on this planet people love more than money, but why? Because money can buy them stuff. So if people love to spend money and buy stuff, why do their businesses have problems with 95% of them going out of business in the first 5 years?

The answer is a lot simpler than you can think. It’s because most people, especially business people, position their communication approach from a negative viewpoint. This is also true for bloggers or anyone else who tries to offer something to someone else.

People love to buy or acquire something, whether it is a product, service, or just information on your blog. They want to come to you and get what they want instead of being offered something by someone when they are not ready for it.

In Business 101 the first principle is “Supply and Demand.” In laymen’s terms, you need to find out what people need or want and offer them at price that they are comfortable paying. In today’s world too many people decide they have something valuable to offer, based on their opinion only. If they hear that there is no demand for what they want to sell, they call others negative persons, and then they go out and try to sell it to anyone they come across whether the person they talk to needs it or not. It sounds crazy but that is exactly what 95% of the people are doing, and yet they do not understand why they are not successful.

The world would be a lot better place if people would stop selling and learn instead to provide services to people who are in need of their services. We live in a service-driven world. Even if you produce products, you are still in the service business, because your clients do not come to you to buy things; they come to you to acquire a good feeling from you for the money they spend. That is the only service every business should provide–making people feel good

I dream of the day when every person on this planet will change their attitude and stop forcing something on others that they do not want. Instead, try to offer others something that will make them feel good.



12 thoughts on “People Hate To Be Sold, But They Love To Buy

  1. I love your work Alex
    I wish there would be more people like you
    Your 13 Step To Awakening Course have saved my life
    Thank YOU!!!

  2. and i hope you read my latest poem “city in my dreams”…i m just a beginner,i always wanted to write poems and stuff but i was never confident enough but this summer vacation i decided to give a try….hope you like it :)

  3. Hi Alex,
    You liked a comment I made on Lora Tia’s blog. I wanted to thank you. I think we’ve met before. In response to what you wrote, I agree that people love to buy but hate to be sold. I will be selling an Ebook soon; that is my challenge.

    1. Your mind set is already wrong…
      “You are going to have an ebook available for people who are ready and able to buy!” – Not “you are going to sell ebook” – do you see the difference?

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