Time is Life

I have written a lot of posts about time, but for some reason I still get questions about it. I even dedicated a whole class to it in my “13 Steps To Awakening”  course, but it seems it is still not enough.

For some reason people assign time to money. I do not know where or how it started, maybe the day humans decided to work for money, or in other words, the moment people decided to trade their time for money. The way I see it, the moment you decide to trade time for money, you are offering yourself as a slave; it makes no difference what you do, whether it is great job that helps people or literally killing people like a military. You are trading your time, a part of your life, in exchange for paper with dead presidents on it. The older we get, the more we understand that we have a very limited amount of time in our lives and we cannot get it back for any money in the world, or for anything else in that matter.

In my world, I have a specific belief about what time was given me for; it is to leave something behind me, a legacy one might say, that will improve the quality of life and help people understand how valuable their time is, that trading it for anything else but what is most important to you is no more than a suicide. We are killing ourself one minute at a time, shortening our lives by doing what most people hate for paper, or useless trinkets.

This post might sound depressing, but I am trying to make a very big point: use your time very preciously because it is very important and not replaceable. If you still do not know what your life purpose is, hire someone to help you and do it today, not a week from now. Once you lose this week, you will not be able to get it back, and maybe later you are going to end up a week short of completing your life’s journey.

I dedicated my life to helping people just like you to find out what is most important to them in whatever time is left and how to achieve it, so at the end  of their journey they are going to be ready to move, and will not feel that their life was wasted or they did not have enough time to enjoy it.

Stop wasting your life. Contact me now or contact someone else you are comfortable with-to help you to get the most value out of the time you have left. It is about time for YOU to be happy again and till the end of your time.

Love, Health, and Wealth.

Alex Moses
Awakening Guide

13 thoughts on “Time is Life

  1. Finding our purpose … that’s what life is about. And I think I’ve found mine, right here, through my blogging. Thank you Alex, once again, for reaffirming what I’ve learned.

    1. Thank you Miriam, I think it is time for us, to share each other posts, so I can introduce you to my readers and you can introduce me to yours :)

  2. “We are killing ourself one minute at a time, shortening our lives by doing what most people hate for paper, or useless trinkets”- – – I get what you are trying to say, however; part of your blog comes across as “don’t bother working” – so I am a bit confused?
    Real Life: We are dying from the moment we are born, yes, time is short and we have to make the most of every moment of it – BUT – without money (unfortunately) how are we to obtain any substantial benefits. I believe in quality not quantity, but you must have some type of quantity to gain good quality. I push to find ways to “enjoy” what I am doing, even if i do not care for the job. There are lots of ways to make even the worst of chores/jobs in life survivable.
    I have seen my daughter go through Columbine (in Denver) and come out with the attitude of “we are all gonna die tomorrow, so do whatever i want today.” For several years she did not care about creating a better life for herself (one where she would be happy), then she had her first child and “LIFE” slapped her upside the head. She has has major struggles since trying to get it all together. Then we had a house fire and she lost her 2nd born in it – more life devastation.
    In a perfect world, we would all love to have that great money stash that would allow us to concern ourselves more with the fun stuff in life. However, reality is each of us has to work to create our own individually satisfying world – which unfortunately takes that paper stuff.
    Good article though, you got me thinking!

    1. My point was not that we do not need money, of course we need to pay bills and have necessity of life that cost money. I am in a business to make people money…
      The message I was trying to get across that people value money over God and time. You have to love what you do and money should be a byproduct of your labor of love. Not to trade your time for doing what you hate and spend 90% of your awaken life killing your happiness one dollar at the time.
      I value time a lot I would never recommend anyone, to live today and ignore tomorrow… “Tomorrow is today at later hour” You have to love every moment that you a life as long as you have it. Your whole life will go by, like a single day so keep living it with love and happiness.

      P.S. it is hard for me to get a messages across sometimes as I mean it, I am dyslexic with Add and had 2 strokes, and I never had opportunity to learn English language, it was self thought at work.

      Thank you for your comment, it was personal and touching,
      Wish you and your family Love, Health and Happiness

      If there anything I can help, do not hesitate to ask,
      Alex Moses

    1. You can find a lot of grammar mistakes and misspells on this page, you can find an answer why in my comment above. Thank you for pointing it out, so I can fix it.

      Happy Friday
      Love, Health and Happiness,

      1. Thank you, it was fixed :)
        if you see anything else that needs to be fixed, please do not hesitate to let me know, so I can fix it – I do not take it as negativity but as help !

  3. I’ve made my mission “to create happy memories with my family”. I keep that as a focus to ensure I am ‘in the moment’ with them when they are present in my life – which I make sure happens often! You’re so right – At age 55 I realise how much time I have wasted and it has now become a precious commodity which I savour! x

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