To Love or Not to Love – Part II

  • I know that I do not love myself enough, but I cannot force it or do not know how to. Is it possible for me to do something to generate this kind of love?

Yes, there is. Love comes from forgiveness. If you can forgive yourself, you can love yourself. Here we are coming back to the subject of ego. The reason you do not love yourself is because you blame yourself for something and this is the disease of the ego. The ego can tell you all sorts of stories why you should feel better or superior to others, but it can also make you feel inferior or inadequate – there is no difference. You need to become very humble and realize that the only way to deal with the ego is to observe its negative manifestations or convert them to the material desires of the physical body and fulfill them. Realize that everything you do, you do only for your own joy and fulfillment. Absence of self-love is an illusion and you need to see it as such. For example, if you are overweight and blame yourself for overeating, it simply means that you pity yourself and that is the reason why you overeat. Now, would you pity yourself if you did not love yourself? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? What you need to do is accept the fact that you pity yourself and just observe the ego every time you eat. This will take the energy out of its negative aspects and help you stop overeating.

  • You say that we do everything because we love ourselves. What about when we do something because it is the right thing to do or because we want to help others?

This is the universal truth that you simply must accept. It is impossible not to love yourself. As long as you are alive, you love yourself. Please, turn off your logic and listen with your heart! If you really, truly stop loving yourself, you end your life. Realize that by being alive at this very moment, you already love yourself as well as everyone and everything that appears in your world. Everything you do, you do only for yourself because you love yourself. If you hate your job, but keep going there every day just to make money, it is because you love yourself too much to live in a cardboard box. If you are volunteering or helping others, it is because it makes you feel good. Anything you do in life that does not feel good has an underlying reason, an ulterior motive, which is always connected to one’s love for oneself. This is not selfishness in an egotistic sense, it is just the way things are and there is no need to be bashful or blame yourself.

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17 thoughts on “To Love or Not to Love – Part II

  1. Thanks for stressing that it’s not possible to not love myself. It’s a tough journey when the past piles with mistakes, but seeing my potential rather than what I was is the better way out.

    1. It was my discovery that took me almost 45 years to realize that we all love ourselves. People scream on every corner that you have to love yourself, without realizing they are talking to people who already love themselves and in some cases a little too much :)

      Thank you for stoping by,
      Love Health, and Happiness.
      Alex Moses

  2. I so needed to read this. I hear it from many that I need to love myself more. I do, I guess. but this post gives so much more to the perspective. Thanks a ton. :)

  3. I believe loving one’s own self is really important.. Some people may try to call it self obsession .. But who cares!?? You know about urslf more than any1 else 😊😊

  4. Acceptance and self-love is fundamental for human existence, no doubt about it. A deep and thought provoking post Alex.

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