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What is the difference between being present or awakened and being asleep?
As human beings, we can only function in one of the following two states:

Awake – awakened and having full control of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.
Asleep – acting based on conditioning and instincts with virtually no control over our thoughts, emotions, or actions; living life in automatic mode without controlling outcomes or circumstances.

  • What causes us to enter the sleep state?

Unfortunately, being asleep is the default modus operandi of the human psyche, which causes people to sleepwalk through life. The sad reality is that most people continue to live and function in sleep mode without ever realizing it. In this semi-unconscious state, they become victims of circumstance and miss out on opportunities to build healthy relationships and create prosperous living for themselves and for others. Instead, they become trapped in a state that causes enormous emotional and physical pain.

Be aware of the triggers that send you into deep sleep. These include any type of fear or negativity. Every negative reaction sends you deeper into sleep. When someone cuts you off in traffic and you grumble, you are already asleep. Routine and monotony have a hypnotic effect, which makes it extremely hard for a person to awaken. This is the reason why people with 9 to 5 jobs who follow the same schedule every day are asleep most of the time.

  • How do we cultivate presence in our lives?

Truth be told, cultivating presence is much easier said than done, but you must start somewhere. Start meditating for 5 minutes, 1 to 3 times a day based on how busy you are in your daily schedule. Try to remember yourself and become fully present throughout the day by setting different alarms, such as sticky notes on the refrigerator or the steering wheel of your car. In the beginning it is important to understand that you will have very little control over it. Some days you may find yourself being present more than others, but what really matters is your intent. Do not become frustrated and simply continue to practice.

You can also use self-hypnosis and anchor yourself in words, objects or events that usually throw you off balance, such as bills, traffic, name of your boss, etc…

Once you take responsibility for your life by being aware and present as much as possible, your relationships with people will flourish and you will be well on your way to a joyful, fulfilling and prosperous life.

The most important thing about being present is that you regain control of your time. What this means is that when you are fully present, you are truly living your life. Otherwise, your life is being lived without your active participation. Is this something you would consciously choose for yourself? We think the answer is obvious.

Start observing other people on a daily basis and you will see that most of them are in a state of deep sleep. You can tell this by their automatic negative emotions and reactions to external events. Once you really see that most people around you are in a state of sleep, you will begin to appreciate yourself as a shepherd among the sheep and you will automatically develop more understanding, love, and compassion for others. As they say, in a blind kingdom, one-eyed man is king.

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  1. You wouldn’t think that living in the present would be difficult, but it’s so difficult. Our mind is always traveling elsewhere, even when we are conscious of gaining control of it to participate in the present not even a few minutes after control it’s off and running again! You offer wonderful advice and suggestions. I never thought about it as sleep state but as I was reading it my head was nodding in agreement and I was saying out loud yup. Especially about us 9 to 5vers… thanks! :-)

  2. I couldn’t agree more with every line you mentioned here. Right on spot! – Cezane

  3. Hi Mr. Moses! I love reading your page every day <3 I don't know if this is the place to ask this but I was wondering what type of spiritual counseling I could do with you? I don't have my own business but I have so many questions about my spirituality and after watching your videos I feel like you are very personable and trustworthy. How could I get more information about this from you? Thank you!! ;)

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