• What is tolerance and why is it important?

Tolerance is the ability or willingness to tolerate something that you do not agree with. Conversely, lack of tolerance is what keeps us in a negative sleeping state and causes all sorts of pain in our lives. We need to understand and practice tolerance on a daily basis in order to live joyful and fulfilling lives

Intolerance is one of the main sources of inner conflict, which manifests as resentment of your ego toward someone or something. It can last a second or a lifetime and cost you everything and anything you can imagine – a job, a marriage, health, and even your life.

This is worth repeating again: if you don’t practice tolerance, you will live your life in a state of sleep and pain. Every time you react unconsciously to something that someone said or did based on your instinct or conditioning, you are demonstrating a lack of tolerance. Once you begin to practice awareness, you will automatically become more tolerant and be able to keep your ego under control. Be mindful and observe any verbal or nonverbal resentment or disagreement with other people or external events – these are the signs of intolerance.

  • How will my life improve if I begin to practice tolerance?

Hillary Clinton is a great example of what tolerance can do for you. When her husband was caught cheating on her in the Oval Office – out of all places – she did not file for a divorce or start a major personal or political scandal. Instead, she chose to tolerate the whole affair despite how much pain it caused her on a personal level. Ironically, today’s younger generation don’t even remember who Bill Clinton was. Hillary Clinton, however, is still one of the most prominent and influential people in the world. She is the only woman in the history of the world who achieved so much after her husband’s presidency and even became part of the president’s cabinet 8 years later after serving as the first lady. She is a brilliant example of what tolerance and humility can do for you.

Tolerance covers every area of your life and is one of the most important qualities that make you human. By practicing tolerance you can strengthen your relationships with friends and family as well as supercharge your lifework. Tolerance will earn you respect of every person you come across and it is one of the most important and visible parts of human personality that everyone respects. Indeed, everyone wants to be around people with great tolerance, because there are so few who have the ability to be tolerant and happy at the same time. Not only will it help you build long-lasting and valuable relationships, it will also benefit you financially by attracting the right kind of resources and people into your life.

  • Should I tolerate everything, including physical abuse?

Being tolerant doesn’t mean you need to take physical abuse. When we talk about tolerance, we are referring to the ego as opposed to the physical body. In other words, you can tolerate psychological but not physical abuse. If someone humiliates you and threatens your sense of self-worth, it would be prudent not to react negatively. Instead of starting a war, you can simply ignore the person and pretend like they don’t exist. However, if someone threatens your physical well-being or the well-being of your family, you will react with the appropriate force. Even certain martial arts, such as Aikido, are practiced out of tolerance. The important thing to understand is that if you do not practice tolerance, you will continue to feed the ego and will sooner or later pay the price. Also, your tolerance must be genuine. You cannot pretend to be tolerant, but continue to boil inside. As you practice tolerance, you will soon notice that you no longer attract physical or psychological abuse into your life.

Identify situations where you should have been tolerant, but were not. What could you have done differently? How would you react now that you understand the meaning of tolerance and what do you think the outcome would be?

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14 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. Wow – this is a thought provoking post! Should we be tolerant of mental abuse though.. mmm not sure about that – I think we often are tolerant of it because the scars don’t show on the outside but can impact our lives immensely through the ‘beliefs’ about ourselves that we develop as a result… This post is going to have me thinking for a while – thanks for inspiring! x

    1. Third part of a post answers question, about abuse, Mental or Verbal abuse is just a perception, to awakened person it does not cause any disturbance and there for, no tolerance required. If you read posts about being present, it will explain more in details what I am talking about it.
      Thank you for your comment, I love questions like that

      1. Fabulous – I’ll be taking a further look at that then – I’ve still got some ‘awakening’ to achieve… Much appreciated x

  2. What an interesting and thought provoking post. Being tolerant is something that definitely helps set us on the right path, attracting what we want into our life. But it shouldn’t mean being a pushover, rather just treating others around us properly and handling situations the right way.

    1. You absolutely right, in this post “Tolerance” means being present in the moment, and not to react to something based on one emotions that he/she might regret later

  3. Tolerance is such a character of a person that differentiates civilized chimpanzees from actual human beings.., I think it is best shown in dravidian culture and would say to run through some good old TAMIL literature.

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