What is Passion?

“Some people feel guilty about their anxieties and regard them as a defect of faith but they are afflictions, not sins. Like all afflictions, they are, if we can so take them, our share in the passion of Christ.”    Author: C.S. Lewis

Every motivational speaker in the world says the same thing today and uses the same word (for example, Live With Passion! by Anthony Robbins). Unfortunately, when I talk to my students, most of them seem to have a similar problem: they do not understand what the word passion is and what you should do with it. Most speakers use the word passion when they mean the word drive, but that’s absolutely wrong!

The true meaning of the word passion: it is an emotion of SUFFERING!

It makes me want to laugh that every spiritual and motivational coach on the market today tells you find your passion, when in other words they are saying find your suffering and keep suffering.

On the other hand passion is extremely important in life; without passion you cannot achieve anything worth your time invested. Yes, I said with passion not a positive drive that makes you feel great. The passion that I mean is pain and suffering.  Like the old saying says: “No Pain, No Gain.” Sometimes in this life you have to pay your dues in order to get rewarded, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It establishes the balance in your life so you can enjoy it a lot more when you achieve it: the harder the challenge, the more you will appreciate the results.

I know for a fact when I take on a hard project, my joy in the result is proportionally equal to the suffering that was involved during the process.

as written with help of writer/editor Sandra Yeaman.
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Alex Moses
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11 thoughts on “What is Passion?

  1. I think passion doesn’t necessarily connote only suffering, it can stand for enthusiasm and strong emotions about something. I use it to mean the enthusiasm and strong affection for what you love to do. But thanks for your view as well.

    1. This not my opinion that Passion is Suffering this is according according to latin root of the word. For some reason people replace word Drive with Passion in united states english, do not know where its started and why, maybe that would be an interesting research and post on its own. Thank you for comment

      1. You can use any words in any meaning you wish, it is not my place to tell what and how to use it, this page is nothing but my opinions, experiences and speculations. I do not believe in telling anyone what to do. If you like what to read and share your opinion on my thoughts, you are more than welcome to, those posts are not commandments just ideas that come to my head :)

  2. All the same,thanks for showing that both drive and a little suffering, especially for writers brings a greater outcome in the end

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