Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
– Mother Teresa

You can find dozens of meanings for the word faith. Most people I have talked to have their own interpretation of the meaning of the word. I guess I am not unique in this subject; my understanding of the word FAITH: “Belief and trust in and loyalty to God”

I have had a lot of students over the years, and all of them found that faith was very hard to keep as soon as something bad happens to them. Fear takes over and faith goes straight out of the window. Even though that’s when you need faith the most, people completely forget about it and go into a stress zone.

My life was not the smoothest; I had two clinical deaths, two strokes, made millions and lost them twice, in 2001 and 2008. I can paint you the most horrific story of life if you wish, but anyone who has ever met me would never think that anything bad has ever happened to me. They always say that I am the most positive, happy, and content person they have ever met, no matter what was going on behind the curtain. It’s not because I was acting or hiding what was going on in my life. I am always happy and full of life no matter how bad my environment is; that’s  because of one thing and one thing only–the strength of my faith!

When you develop strong faith, you are mentally unbreakable. I believe that everything that happens to me, happens in order to test my faith. It makes me work even harder on my faith. I believe in God! When you know that you have God looking over you, you understand that all the bad things that happen are just there to make you stronger.

For example, when I hurt my back and was fully paralyzed, doctors told me that I would need surgery and would have to get used to back pain for the rest of my life. In my case, this was not acceptable. Not only did I refuse to have surgery; I stopped asking for doctors’ advice on what to do as well. Two months later, I was not just walking, I was running, and eight years later I still have no back pain. Let me be honest; it was not faith only. I had to do yoga as well.

But faith is what made me find the solution and get well. I have dozens of those stories in my life when faith kept me going and saved me from what seemed like a dead end situation to get on the top again.

I do care about you. Since you are reading this, it means your life is not perfect. But have faith and work on solutions, and things will turn around for you like it did for me and all my students.

Alex Moses
Spiritual Guide


6 thoughts on “Faith

  1. For me, definition of faith appears to be different as I don’t believe in any voice coming from anywhere because there’s no where. Don’t be get offended, but so far as mine point of view is concerned I believe in having faith in yourself. I liked your story, I liked when you said that you’re the most happy & content person. Indeed we must learn to be happy, learn to get over our past & move ahead in life as Mother Teresa also said, Life is beautiful but you need to believe in it.

  2. Every person on this planer is unique, and has different opinions bases on their conditioning. I my post I share my opinion and what I believe hoping it would help some one understand themselves better.
    It does not mean that your opinion wrong or has a lower value. Actually, in your world this is, the only right view and I happy that you decided to share it with everyone. Thank you for reading my posts,

    Wish you love, health and wealth
    Alex Moses

  3. Oh my goodness… Your story is so very empowering & beautiful. It’s moments like this that remind me the amazing power of faith, in turn causing miracles to happen 💖🙏😌 Thank you for sharing this with us :)))

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