Understanding The Ego – Part II


  • Are there any benefits to the ego?

Bringing your conscious awareness to the ego and observing it is the ONLY way to become free from its tyranny. You cannot fight the ego, because it will absolutely destroy you, so you must give it the respect it deserves. Realize that what powers the ego is the energy of your consciousness. In the unaware state, the ego steals your energy and this is how it is able to function without any conscious input from you.

Once again, we need to respect the ego and understand that it is absolutely necessary for us to function in this world. Not only that, if understood and properly controlled, the ego will help you achieve all of your desires and become a source of tremendous joy in your life. This is the reason why all your egoism desires MUST BE FULFILLED. Think of them as a set of math problems that you need to solve. You don’t need to know how they will be solved, simply accept them unconditionally and allow them to come to fruition at some point in your life. Most people feel bad about having personal wants and desires and try to act as if they were free from them. This is going against the ego and will only result in pain and suffering.

The ego is an amazing phenomenon, but in its normal state it is similar to a computer program with a virus. The virus manifests itself as the desire for power and supremacy at the expense of others. The virus makes the ego believe that as long as it is better and more powerful than others, it will somehow continue to exist forever. At the core of any ego structure lies the fear of annihilation, which creates enormous amount of pain and suffering for its owner. As mentioned earlier, the only way to eradicate the virus is to observe these manifestations of sickness. Next time you get angry when someone cuts you off in traffic, remember to observe yourself and simply say, “I’m watching the ego being angry right now”. Then forget about it and be angry or do whatever else you feel like doing at the moment. As you continue to do this, you will one day see a miracle: when you start to get angry, something inside will stop you and you might even smile at the absurdity of the situation that would normally stress you out. This experience and realization alone will instantly transform you into a shepherd.

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