Turn Off Your Logic – Part 2

  • What are the advantages of being able to turn off my logic?

There a lot of advantages to being able to turn off your logic. First of all, it will lower your mental stress and greatly improve the quality of your life. It will also enhance your relationships with friends and family, since you will no longer have anything to prove to yourself and to others. Not only will it allow you preserve your precious time, it will also help you find new valuable friendships and opportunities by being different from everyone else.

Another great “illogical” example is Mary Kay. If she tried to rely only on logic, her business would have ended before it even started. Was it logical to conceive of a business where housewives would go door-to-door to sell makeup for double the price of the same products found in the department stores? Not only that, but they would recruit others to do it for a very low sales commission, while generating the company billions of dollars – all that was needed was a little encouragement and a promise of a sizeable financial benefit if they worked very hard. In reality, only .5% of all women that signed up made enough money to pay for their basic needs. It sounds unbelievable, but that’s what happens when you turn off your logic!

  • How do I stay on-course if I don’t expect things to make logical sense?

It is hard and we all struggle with it from time to time, but you must trust us when we say that if you do things that you truly love and for the right reasons, you are guaranteed to get rewarded one way or another. As we said before, at the end of the day the goal is not as important as the journey toward it and what actually counts is your own time that you invest in this process. As we know, the time spent doing something that you love is the key to a joyful and fulfilling life, which in itself is the sweetest reward.

There is only one way to turn off your logic and that is to change your focus to love!

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  1. Changing your focus to love. The journey not the destination. These words resonate with me right now as I search for new direction and purpose. So glad I’ve found your blog. Cheers from Australia.

      1. You’re welcome. Your blog has some really relevant stuff on it for me at the moment so I’m delighted to follow and read more.

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